Recommendations of project experts for Central and Eastern EU Member States on voting rights of third country nationals
International conference on political participation of immigrants in Prague
On 8 and 9 April 2015, 57 participants from 15 countries met in Prague on the occasion of the international conference on political participation of immigrants organized by the Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) in frame of the Fostering political participation in 9 Central and Eastern EU countries project. In her opening speech Czech Ombudswoman Anna Šabatová called for granting voting rights on local level to permanently residing third country nationals in the Czech Republic. For more information click here. Speakers from the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, OSCE, Malmö University, Berlin Parliament etc. presented their views on the issues of voting rights, advisory bodies and immigrant associations. Look at the the conference presentations here (see below). Marti...(more)
Time for Improvement: Obstacles to Political Participation of Immigrants in Estonia, Latvia and Poland
The comparative study is about political participation of immigrants in Estonia, Latvia and Poland....(more)
Analysis of electoral participation of third country nationals in Romania