OPU released National report on monitoring of hate crime
OPU released its "National Report on Monitoring of Hate Crime" compiled in frame of the Together - Fighting AGAINST Hate Crime project supported by the European Commission. OPU would like to draw the attention to the fact of increasing incidents of hate crime against immigrants, refugees and Muslim women wearing head scarfs. Therefore, it is necessary to improve not only the monitoring of hate crimes and the support of victims but also the education of police forces and other experts in this field. The report in Czech is in the attachment....(more)


30.11. 2014 v 19:14  Middle and Eastern Europe learns how immigrants can participate in political life
02.12. 2014 v 14:48  Czech Govt. Human Rights Council against voting rights for foreigners
(Prague, 27/11/2014) Human Rights Council of the Czech Government voted on 26 November 2014 against the proposal of the Foreigners´ Rights Committee to grant electoral rights to third country nationals with permanent resident permits. With this decision, the battle of the Organization for Aid ...(více)
10.02. 2015 v 22:38  CoE Convention on Equal Participation of Foreigners to be ratified by the Czech Parliament
The ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on the Participation of Foreigners in Public Life at Local Level is currently dealt with by the Czech Parliament. However, the Government proposes the reservations to the entire Chapters "B" - Electoral Rights, and "C" - Consultative Bodies. OPU d...(více)
10.02. 2015 v 23:04  Study visit in San Sebastian on participation of immigrants in public life
SOS Racismo Mugak in cooperation with OPU introduces to 28 experts from 9 EU countries different models of cooperation between municipalities and migrant/refugee associations during a study visit taking place in San Sebastian on 9 and 10 February. Participants from different state, municipal and NGO...(více)
10.03. 2015 v 15:44  Debate on the voting right of foreigners in the Czech republic
On 9th of March 2015 Martin Rozumek, the OPU director, took part on a Debate on the voting right and political participation of women and foreigners in the Czech Republic. The action was organised by Multicultural Centre of Prague and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Prague. For more details see Invitation....(více)
01.04. 2015 v 19:19  The election of new representatives for advisory body for migrants declared in March
Slovene Philanthropy partner in the EU co-funded project Fostering political participation and policy involvement of immigrants in 9 Central and Eastern EU countries, lobbied for the inclusion of people with migrant background to the only advisory body for migrants in the Republic of Slovenia, calle...(více)
14.04. 2015 v 22:34  International conference on political participation of immigrants in Prague
On 8 and 9 April 2015, 57 participants from 15 countries met in Prague on the occasion of the international conference on political participation of immigrants organized by the Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) in frame of the Fostering political participation in 9 Central and Eastern EU coun...(více)
13.05. 2015 v 13:10  Advocacy week in Brussels on participation of immigrants in public life
A delegation of four experts from Central Europe  - Martin Rozumek (OPU, Czech Republic), Karolis Zibas (Lithuanian Red Cross), Nikolaj Tomaž Benedik (Slovene Filanthropy, Slovenia) and Marcell Lörincz (Foundation of Subjective Values, Hungary) - met 9 Members of the European Parliament i...(více)
02.07. 2015 v 09:06  OPU released a publication on political participation of immigrants in 9 EU MS
OPU released, in frame of the project Fostering Political Participation and Policy Involvement of Immigrants in 9 Central and Eastern EU Countries, a publication on political participation of immigrants in 9 EU Member States with good practices examples from another 8 EU Member States....(více)
03.10. 2015 v 14:44  Consortium of 18 Czech NGOs presents its view and recommendations on the Czech migration and asylum policy
Consortium of Migrant Assisting NGOs in the Czech Republic presented on Friday 2 October its view and recommendations regarding the Czech migration and asylum policy. Attached is the program of the event and the document called Migracni manifest. ...(více)